Reflective Essay On Death

Writing A Strong Personal Reflective Essay About Death

Death; no one likes to talk about it. It leaves behind sadness and sorrow. It brings darkness into the lives of those who are affected. Grief and pain are some of the words that can be used to describe death. This is the main reason why not so many people ever want to talk about it at all. There is one thing about it through, reflection. When someone dies, those who are left behind get to reflect upon their lives. They reflect upon their choices in life and how they can use the life of the person recently departed as a mirror into their lives.

Writing about death can be handled in so many ways, but none is as effective as talking about death from a reflective point of view. It is for this reason that a strong personal reflective essay about death would really need some major emphasis. Death strikes almost anywhere at any given time. Some see it coming, most never do. The one and most important thing about it however is the fact that when it does happen, there are lessons to be learned, choices to be made. The following are some simple tips that can help you write such a paper, considering that you may never have been in a position to deal with something of this magnitude in your life at all:

  • Lessons in life
  • Lessons in death
  • Lessons in life
  • Lessons in life are about how the individual that died lived their life. This would be a very good way to pick up on the perspective of those who lived with them, or those who shared closer moments with them.

    Another thing about this section is that you need to look into some of the things that the individual did. If they were party to any cause, this should be your perspective. Look at those who greatly benefitted from their work, their life and the activities that they engaged in from day to day.

  • Lessons in death
  • There are lessons to be learned in death too. Here we consider the reason or the cause of death. If it was something careless or something that would have been prevented, this death serves as a reminder to those who remain behind that there is a lot more that can be done to prevent such from happening again in the future.

Reflective essay examples

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Reflective essays are common interesting writings to every student or writer out their. They are different and unique such that the writer gets to exhaust fully on paper using her own personal opinion, it is more like writing what you have experienced in the past whether positive or negative. It’s an essay where you will not stop to think deeply about the general opinion of your audience. A reflective essay is compared to a reflection seen on your mirror thus what you write should be reflected to you by your readers.​

Absolute importance is given to your thoughts and opinion. Another good feature about a reflective essay is that there is freedom of expression; you say what you feel it’s okay with you. Here you don’t take into consideration how the audience will react but just put your opinion down. To come up with a high quality essay it’s important that you explain your views and perception about the subject matter. A reflective essay should be imaginative, however still preserve the connection with reality.

Some examples to help you choose a topic you can freely express your views

An overview

Though a reflective essay can be one of the easiest writings, you have to keenly choose a topic that you will be able to expound on your ideas and make it fit to be a reality. For a good quality essay analyzing the subject matter of your essay is very vital

  • How the death of my hostile father changed my life
  • My first day at work
  • Hunting in the woods
  • My engagement party
  • How it feels to be unemployed
  • My first date with my boyfriend
  • An experience to remember
  • The experience of our first road trip to the east
  • Christmas vacation with my grandparents
  • My embarrassing moments


When writing a reflective essay ensure you pen down your personal experiences and not the general or public opinions that your audience feel is to be in your writing. A reflective essay differs with an informative essay which puts more into writing the public opinion that the writer uses inform the audience.

An example of reflective essay writing could take this format


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How the death of my hostile father changed my life

Opening paragraph

With your opening paragraph reflect on the acts of how your hostile father has been treating you when he was still alive. Put your ideas together in a manner that will make your reader want to read more and more. For instance you could state the worst treatments you have gotten from your dad that left you with questions if indeed he was your biological dad. Reflect with the changes death has brought without your dad around

Supporting paragraphs

Here is where you give detailed information about your points and further expound on your personal opinion. for instance with this topic let the reader know exactly what made you have a negative attitude to your dad and that after his death life was more fair to you. Let him /her understand your negative convictions towards your biological father. Make the essay even more thrilling through spontaneous narration. Use sentence structure and expressions that will freshen up your writings.


When concluding your reflective essay give a summary of how your life has turned. Draw out pointers to people to understand you. You may also give some advice to people undergoing same experiences.

For students who wish to engage in reflective essays just concentrate on how you could express your self better on paper and make people fit into your shoes. It does not require much thinking but solely depends on you.

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