Critical Analysis Of Argumentative Essay

How a persuasive essay differs from a critical writing essay

The best way to discern the difference between a persuasive essay and a critical writing essay is to define them individually and then compare them together. A persuasive essay is an essay whose sole intent is to persuade the reader to one opinion. Although the definition of it doesn't change, the purpose of it changes dependent upon the real life application of it. For academic purposes, a persuasive essay is a short text that is used to show the command of a subject, and the overall understanding of it. Outside of academic practice, it is any material that is used to persuade a reader of the information that is contained within it. Examples of a persuasive essay outside of an academic setting is a presentation that is given in a public arena, or even something as short as a resume or cover letter.

The major differences between a persuasive essay and a critical essay are:

  • The voice used in the essay - A persuasive essay can be first or third person, a critical essay is third person
  • Informal versus formal style of writing - A persuasive argument can be informal or formal, a critical essay is always formal
  • Presentation of both sides versus just one sided arguments - A persuasive essay presents just one side of an argument, a critical essay presents both negative and positive aspects
  • Evidentiary proof needed - A persuasive argument need not provide concrete evidence and examples, a critical essay needs to have proof to back up claims made
  • Basis of the essay - A critical essay is based upon another work, a persuasive essay can be on any subject at all

A persuasive essay can be a very informal piece, which can be written in any voice, not limited to the formal third person. Although it helps to be substantiated with proof, since it is based around arguments which can be subjective, it is not necessary to back up assertions or claims with evidentiary proof. It is an essay that only provides one side of an argument, not a summary that includes both sides.

A critical essay is an essay that is in critique of another work. It is an essay that's content is used to critique another author's work, and can be either positive or negative. It is not an essay that is used to sway the reader to one point of view or another, it is just a critical analysis of the context. Unlike a persuasive essay, a critical essay is formal and written only in the third person, never the first. Because it is a critique of another work, it can contain both negative and positive aspects of the work.

Ways that persuasive essays and critical essays are the same

  • Both are used in real life application and academic arenas
  • They are both short essays which are structured in the same way
  • The more evidence you have to support them, the greater the strength of the writing of them
  • They both are a demonstration of the writing skills of the individual writing them

Both the persuasive essay and the critical essay are structured in the same way. They both have the same major points that need to be included to make the essay relevant. They both consist of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The information that is included within each category varies slightly. Because the intent of the article is different, the information that needs to be as an integral component to them will be different.

What is the structure of a persuasive essay and a critical essay?

Although they both have the same structure, the content of those categories will vary depending on which essay you are doing.

The structure of a persuasive essay is:

  • Introduction - The introduction is the component where the audience will want to read more. It should begin with creative and captivating information that will begin to form the argument that will be laid out. Contained within the introduction should be the thesis statement, or the definition of what the argument for the essay is. It is an assertion that sets the tone, and is the reason for, the entire essay
  • Body - The body of the essay is where the argument is laid out. The body contains the assertions about the argument, followed by supporting arguments for it. It is the area where you will form the argument and give supporting reasons and when appropriate evidence, to your point of view
  • Conclusion - The conclusion is where you summarize the argument and the information that you have to prove your point. Being the most important part of the essay, it is the place where you finalize the argument and beg the reader to your point of view. Contained within it is the reason the reader should see things your way, and why you are right in your opinion, or point of view

The structure of a critical essay is:

  • Introduction - The introduction is used to introduce the work that you are critiquing. It is the part of the essay where you state your opinion of the work, and outline the steps that led you to your conclusion about it
  • Body - This is the section of the essay where you develop your argument and then use concrete facts to support your point of view, or position. Using both positive and negative aspects of the book, you describe what led you to the conclusion about how you formulated your critique. It is important to substantiate your claims with concrete evidence and examples
  • Conclusion - In this section you conclude the main points of your critique and go through the points made about it, summarizing your position and finalizing your opinion


A critical analysis paper, or essay, is the analysis of a book, article, or a movie. The aim of such type of paper is to concentrate on one of the aspects of the text or a movie and to describe it in a broad context.

It is necessary to enlarge one's knowledge and understand some points of view, events, facts, and evidence, or reevaluate already known things. In many instances, to analyze critically, we need to apply critical thinking skills, and the main secret of successful completion of the task you are given is the ability to read between the lines, see through the text to identify author's ideas, thoughts, and purposes, hidden in the handy-dandy plot and story.

The academic critical analysis is necessary to identify particular arguments, evidence, statements, opinions and facts stated by authors of written works. Such analysis is applied in many custom works, such as a literature review, critique article, research paper and so forth. By writing an analysis essay, we have a chance of diving deeper into information stated in this or that article to be analyzed.

Hence, main purposes are to acknowledge readers and students with a specific article, book, journal or story; to provide students with a possibility to research unfamiliar aspects of certain works; to give an evaluation to the analyzed material, and improve writing and critical thinking skills, which altogether has a rather favorable effect on students.

So, what is critical analysis, and how to compose an appropriate essay? At first, it is crucial to note that such a paper should contain many supporting sources. It is important to go through the chosen film/text several times, to get a thorough understanding of it. The professionals also recommend writing down all key aspects and ideas at the time. Then you need to make an outline that will be based on the notes you have made. It is better to make your outline very detailed, as it will tremendously facilitate the actual writing. When you are done with it, edit and proofread the work several times.

If you feel like you need help with writing a critical essay, here is where we step in. We cooperate with people from various fields of knowledge who know for sure how to compose an excellent paper for you. All you need to do is to place an order, make the payment and wait until the high-quality and unique paper will be delivered to you. We always meet the client's deadline, and you can expect your paper to be delivered before it is due. So feel free to use our cheap essay writing services. You won’t be disappointed!


When students are asked to write a critical analysis essay of a piece of literature, it means that they should focus and do their best to identify the main idea of an author, his/her point of view about the created characters and events. Such papers are more difficult than academic or scientific articles when it comes to analyzing. On the other hand, the examination of an article requires more narrow or specific knowledge and may result in the need of conducting some more research to come to a complete understanding of a problem. As you may know, the work on the assignment of such kind should start with reading, listening or watching of what should be analyzed.

Regardless, to succeed in writing a critical analysis, it is necessary to understand all angles and perspectives of a text. Critical thinking is the exact tool called to examine a text, audio track, or movie to analyze any of those pieces. It implies taking extensive notes and annotating to be able to use these thoughts later in the paper. Once a person understands the work, it is essential to research unknown aspects of the problem.

After that, a person should summarize the information provided in the source or create an outline to define strong and weak points in the draft. If you choose to summarize, be sure to give a brief review and not to go into unnecessary details.

Literary works require deeper analysis to define an original purpose of an author, his/her thesis in the plot and even hidden motives. You are welcome to analyze the entire story critically, or concentrate on a specific part of the story and carry out a detailed review to find something that others cannot even notice. Sometimes, to make writing more versatile, it is important to identify an author's appeal, i.e., to logic or feelings. Identifying these things often helps to create an aggregate picture of the analyzed material.

Writing critical analysis papers, in many instances, requires providing potential readers with some background information. You, as an author, must be sure that readers understand what you try to say, as well as what the topic of the paper is. For example, if you write about a very peculiar, but scientifically narrow topic, it is necessary to clue readers in on that topic to make sure that they understand your thoughts and ideas.

Needless to say that every academic writing needs a thesis statement, and so does this one. To elaborate the statement, it is important to examine available materials. Finally, a finished work should be double-checked for possible mistakes and drawbacks. Although, if editing is not your strongest side, you can always ask Pro-Papers for critical essay help and let the professionals review and polish your masterpiece. This will save you some time, and guarantee you an error-free work.


Critical analysis assignment may be a tedious and consuming task, as identifying all the important details in any piece of writing is rather tiresome. In addition, a person may be unfamiliar with a proper structure of such works, and that is where it is very helpful to take a look at some templates to get a general idea about the assignment organization and structure.

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