Rumor Mill Essay Introduction

Used to refer to the process by which rumors and gossip are originated and circulated among a group of people.

‘this assurance has failed to stop the rumor mill as club officials continue to examine all their options surrounding the future of the club’

‘the rumor mill says that he was reimbursed to the tune of $25 million’

  • ‘The likelihood of Imagine or DreamWorks taking over the film division seems to have diminished, but a bad run could start the rumor mill back up in an instant.’
  • ‘This was the first great Hollywood scandal, and the rumor mill went wild.’
  • ‘Meanwhile, the election rumour mill is working overtime.’
  • ‘And after her highly publicized breakup, the rumor mill began to portray her as a Hollywood party girl.’
  • ‘However, since no one at Telewest was available for comment, the rumour mill will continue to work overtime until someone can be bothered to explain what happened.’
  • ‘It often seems that my employees get information through the rumor mill before I am ready for disclosure.’
  • ‘If you don't replace rumors with facts, the rumor mill takes over.’
  • ‘Artists appearing are still to be confirmed but, as ever, the rumour mill has already gone into overdrive.’
  • ‘The rumour mill has gone into overdrive this summer, with much excitement and speculation over Arnold Schwarzenegger's next blockbuster project.’
  • ‘During times of business uncertainty, the rumor mill turns faster than ever, often resulting in lower employee productivity.’
  • ‘Even self-obsessed pop stars didn't want the rumour mill to overshadow their music.’
  • ‘Once Intel went public, the rumor mill didn't settle down one bit.’
  • ‘White House spokesman Scott McClellan dismissed the speculation as simply a part of what he called the beltway rumor mill.’
  • ‘The rumor mill was grinding furiously in the days leading up to Clinton's announcement.’
  • ‘With that, the rumour mill started turning, with the suggestion that the channel was about to be relaunched under the ITV name.’
  • ‘"We try to get managers to tell staff what they can, as soon as possible, and to stop the rumor mill," he says.’
  • ‘The Hollywood rumour mill has been active with stories of post-production strife, while accounts of the film's lame ending have surfaced on the Internet.’
  • ‘The Wall Street rumor mill pegged even the $13 target as ambitious with some saying a $12 per share target might be more likely.’

Essay on Rumors

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     Rumors can be passed easily and are spread on an everyday basis. A rumor is like gossip; some of it true or untrue, and it is passed around by word of mouth. Most rumors start off being true, then when it is being passed from one person to the other, it starts becoming untrue because some people forget details, add new information in, or just change the whole story around. In the rumor experiment conducted in class, a story was told to one person out of four. The first person had to repeat the same story to the next person who of course was waiting outside of the classroom, until it got to the fourth person. The story that the fourth person ended up with was extremely dissimilar from what was…show more content…

Subject #1 remembered about 12 details; subject #2 remembered only about four details, subject #3, 2 details, and subject #4, 2 details as well. It was easier for the last two subjects to remember the information because the rumor diminished in size, meaning there was not that many details or information needed to be told. The largest number of details was lost when subject #1 told subject #2 the rumor. They confused details, forgot some, and even added new ones. Sharpening took place in rumor one. The numerical, movement, relative size, dramatic detail, familiar symbol and primacy-recency effects all took place in rumor one. This rumor had for example relative size, which was the baby, a dramatic detail, which was the razor during the argument, and movement, which was the train. The assimilation of rumor one was the two men arguing on the train while the other passengers watched.
     Rumor two was selected by the professor, and it was written by a person in the classroom who wrote it for a classroom assignment. The professor read it aloud in class, while four students that were recruited by the professor stayed outside the classroom and did not listen to the story. The first subject was then called into the classroom to listen to the rumor while the professor read it and taped recorded the whole situation.

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