My Father Essay For Class 4

My father

July 17, 2014 by admin_kids

Subject: Ten sentence Essay/Speech on ‘MY FATHER’
Mode: Easy
Grade- 4
Target Age Group: 6-10 Years
Total sentences: 13
Contributed By: Shruti, class 4, Adayar, Chennai

The person I like the most in my family is my father. The thing I like in him is his gentleness. He never beats me but only scolds me. My father has a lot of patience. He also understands my feelings and sadness. He encourages me to read lot of books. Every day he spends some time to play with me. We play card games, caroms etc. Before going to bed he asks us about the things happened in our class. During the weekend we go for a week. I long for the weekend because I can talk to him about everything. He is my best friend because he knows all my secrets. I love my father and he loves me a lot.


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Subject: Children’s Speech on ‘My Father, My  Super Hero ‘
Duration: 3 Minutes
Targetted Age: 9-15 Years
Speech Prepared by: Mrs.Preetha Vijay kumar, Kuwait
Delivered by: Arnav VijayKumar, Class 4, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,Kuwait

Hi Everybody,

Super Heros….Ben ten, superman, Spiderman…. there’re tons of them – but for me MY father is a super hero. I chose this topic to thank my father for his love, for playing a starring role and influencing my life. Father – the coolest 6 letter word to happen in my life.

F – For all things you have taught me

A – And for promising me that you will never leave me

T – Tagging along and supporting me

H – Helping me in everything I face

E – Everyday you are there for me

R – Raising me with utmost love and care

My mom says the first word I said is Papa. The happiest moment everyday in my life is when he knocks at the door in the evening. As he enters there is so much excitement, he hugs me, kisses me and carries me on his shoulder as if we are meeting after ages. Ina day several times he says I LOVE U ACHU. He is my inspiration, like a lighthouse to ships. He has always been a good listener, understands me, trusts me and advices me .fie supports all my extracurricular activities, weekly twice, he drives me for my dance class, coming from Minaabdulla to farwaniya and then to salmiya. How can I not be proud of himl Every evening we play games together, also teaching me to be powerful, self-reliant and courageous. We pray and have dinner together. Sometimes when he drives home from Saudi and I demand for dinner out, and though he is tired and hates hotel food, cheerfully he will take me, cracking all sardarji jokes, instilling in me, the importance of family bonds and sacrifice. At bedtime, we play Kaun Banega Crorepati, it’s so much fun, he will ask me questions and if I don’t know any answer, I will use phone a friend and call my father for the answer, thus building self-confidence while imparting wisdom and knowledge. However busy he may be, he has never missed any of my cultural programmes and records them. When I am sick, he will be with me throughout, I feel secure when I cling on to his chest like a baby kangaroo. When mom scolds me, he will always say – my son – he is the best, he is the winner. Believe me, he has never scolded me till date.

He has taught me many valuable lessons on positive thinking and makes me apply it. He never says NO for anything. He has made me set my goals and every night before I sleep he makes sure that I read it. Friends! Believe me, I topped in all programmes  I attended. It does really happen! The other thing he taught me is SECRET. Love everything in this universe and the universe will give you back everything you desire. Lastly he taught me to pray to the subconscious mind about whatever you wish, and for sure it really works our dreams do come true! Those who don’t believe in Superheroes have never met my father. Even when I am all grown up, I know, that I will be glad that I have my own, unique, Superhero, my best friend, the one and only one – who can make me smile in any circumstance – my father.



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