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Boiling Frog Syndrome and the Dissertation

by Dr. Rachna Jain | Dissertation Coaching

As you may know, I recently opened up a new set of dissertation coaching groups, starting in just a couple of weeks. Each time I offer these groups, I receive a lot of emails from dissertation writers, many of whom are in a panic, because their deadlines are coming up...

Dissertation Writing Coaching Group Now Forming

by Dr. Rachna Jain | Dissertation Coaching

My most recent dissertation proposal small group coaching program kicked off multiple emails, with dissertation writers wondering if I would offer a similar group for those completing non-quantitative projects. I had to think for a bit about how best to structure...

Complete Your Dissertation Proposal by November 2009

by Dr. Rachna Jain | Dissertation Coaching

Last year, I ran a small dissertation group coaching program with very positive results. I’ve been getting email inquiries about this program. I’ve decided to offer it again for this Fall 2009. The focus of the group is to draft your 3 chapter...

Dissertation Wall of Fame

by Dr. Rachna Jain | Dissertation Coaching

I’ve been wanting to have a Dissertation Wall of Fame for a while now- you know, a place for people who’ve finished to get public acknowledgement for their successes. I just set this up, and am pleased to share with you the first success story of 2008, and...

Dissertation Small Group Coaching Program Announced!

by Dr. Rachna Jain | Dissertation Coaching

I’m looking for 10 open, motivated, and very coachable grad students who want to complete their dissertation proposals by April 2008, and want to do this by working directly with me. If this sounds like you, I’ve finalized details, dates, and other...

Just launched a dissertation newsletter!

by Dr. Rachna Jain | Dissertation Coaching

Hi- I just wanted to let you know that I recently launched a newsletter PhD365 to help you finish your degree in a year or less. You can sign up by visiting the home page of this website: https://www.completeyourdissertation.com This newsletter will be delivered to...

If someone helps you, say thanks.

by Dr. Rachna Jain | Relationships in the Dissertation

Now, not to go on a mini-rant or anything, but I do want to point something out: if someone helps you, please say thank you. This will ease your path both in the dissertation process and in life. Do you know that I routinely get 15-20 emails every day asking for my...

But Honey… I need to work!

by Dr. Rachna Jain | Relationships in the Dissertation

When you’re busily working on your dissertation, it’s expectable that you’ll become extremely focused and may neglect some of your closest relationships. You don’t do this on purpose, of course, but you will sometimes need blocks of uninterrupted time to make...

Stay connected to others, even when it's difficult.

by Dr. Rachna Jain | Relationships in the Dissertation

When writing the dissertation, it can be tempting to seek out isolation. Normally, people isolate themselves in one of two situations: either they are making tremendous progress, completely absorbed in the work, or they are avoiding the work and don’t want...

Demonstrating integrity about your dissertation.

by Dr. Rachna Jain | Relationships in the Dissertation

One of the hallmarks of any healthy relationship is whether that relationship possesses integrity. Integrity, according to my dictionary, is defined as “the quality of being whole or undivided, completeness.” Integrity is an important element of your...

Join a community.

by Dr. Rachna Jain | Relationships in the Dissertation

As I notice some of the traits of the happiest dissertators (note I didn’t say happy dissertators, because I’m not sure how many of them really exist…), the happiest dissertators are those who have found a way to gain extra support and understanding...

How are YOU feeling?

by Dr. Rachna Jain | Relationships in the Dissertation

The most important relationship in the dissertation process is the one you have with yourself. How are you feeling? Do you feel yourself to be in integrity with your stated goal of completing the dissertation within a certain time frame? Are you working your plan...

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