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One may have to decide the various points or bases of comparison and contrast in advance, mark them out with separate headings, or put them in order of importance or chronological order, if telling a story or reporting historical facts. It is worthwhile to remember some other points as well. For example, we should always try to start with an interesting fact in order to attract and grab the reader’s attention. Then we include a thesis statement that states the main idea. With the use of topic sentences, the various bases of comparison and contrast are then discussed, either as part of a chronology of events or by means of topic sentences that introduce each new point or idea. The last part of the comparison and contrast essay invariably sums up the most important comparisons or differences and leads to a logical conclusion. In this essay we are going to discuss the comparison and contrast essay entitled ‘Grant & Lee: A Study in Contrasts’ written by the historian Bruce Catton, on pages 239-242 of the book. It illustrates the point by point pattern of comparison and contrast essays. ...
Different in nature but strong in resoluteness, these two generals had some similarities and many contrasts. The essay goes on to describe Lee’s background, nature and aspirations. Supportive of aristocratic ideals, he had fought for and represented the Confederacy for the four years of the Civil War. He believed in family, culture and tradition but also espoused a class system where one was meant to rule others. By comparison, Grant was the son of a tanner and cared nothing for aristocracy. Tough, self reliant and self made, Grant had little use of the past but kept a sharp eye on the future. In fact, they seemed the exact opposites of each other. While Grant accepted democracy as a system because he grew up with democratic values, yet he did not cater to the belief of one class being superior to another. He believed in equality and fair play, and may the best man win. So while Lee believed in maintaining and defending the status quo, Grant saw a future for the hard working man that wanted to make something for himself in this great land full of opportunities (Catton, 241). Grant was all for modern man while Lee espoused the old values of chivalry. The author then begins to mention their similarities. He states that both were brave men, who fought valiantly for the cause of their armies and supporters. Born fighters, their daring and resourcefulness was legendary. The ability to think quickly on one’s feet was common- however the most important part now was the realization that the War had come to an end and that efforts to unify the two sides mattered the most if something was to be made of this nation. In conclusion the author maintains that whatever their similarities or differences, the meeting of these two generals at the ...Show more

Essay on Grant and Lee a Study in Contrasts

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“Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrasts,” written by Bruce Catton compares and contrasts the characteristics and lives of two leaders of the Civil War. Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, two very strong and very different generals, met on April 9, 1865 at Appomattox Court House in Virginia to bring to a close the Civil War. By this time, America had become a country that was starting over with the simple core belief in equal rights for everyone. Lee, who is from Virginia, had very traditional and old fashioned beliefs. He strongly believed in the idea that having unequal, leadership, and social categories provided an advantage to society. The Confederacy embraced Lee as their leader as well. Furthermore, Confederate soldiers considered Lee…show more content…

He would fight for the Union with everything he had because he strongly believed in the Western way of living he was raised in. Although Grant and Lee had individual beliefs that clashed with one another they also had a few things in common. For example, Catton points out they were both great fighters that displayed a lot of tenacity and fidelity to their separate causes. Grant battled and endured his way down the Mississippi Valley despite his military handicaps and personal discouragements while Lee still had faith at Petersburg after all hope was lost. Also, their fighting qualities were very similar and they both refused to give up as long as they were able to fight. They were both also very daring and resourceful in that they had the ability to move quickly and think faster than the enemy. Most importantly, they were alike in the sense that they had the ability to turn away from war and come to peace once the fighting had ended. As a result, this helped the nation become whole and united again. Their gathering at Appomattox was a great moment in American history. In our modern society today I think that we can now discuss our political differences and beliefs in peace and overall our nation is one that is very united as a whole. We live in a country that strongly follows Grant’s belief in equal rights for everyone in which citizens are able to vote for who

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