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Cybex: Health & Fitness


Harness the Internet of Things with a scalable connectivity solution that enables the monitoring of fitness equipment for usage to reduce equipment downtime and costs for Cybex customers.


Cybex International is recognized world-wide as the leader in premium exercise equipment for fitness facilities. With nearly a half a century of expertise, Cybex has been continually raising the bar for furthering innovation with cardiovascular and strength training machines for the life-long athlete.

Cybex is committed to offering the best fitness equipment and experiences to their customers and saw an opportunity with the IoT to set the standard higher. With connectivity they could virtually enhance the services they provided to further the life and health of their machines for the ultimate benefit of the gym owner.

The Challenge

The profitability of the Cybex customer is tied to utilization — gym owners depend on the reliability of fitness equipment to maintain and attract new members. Congruous to this, Cybex’s success hinges on the experience of its customers’ and equipment performance is essential to that. Reactive maintenance can be costly and resource intensive. Cybex wanted to develop a connected solution that would proactively minimize malfunctioning or out of order equipment with real-time information.

“We do everything we can to ensure our customer can give members a consistently great experience,” said Lisa Juris, Chief Marketing Officer of Cybex International. “Part of that is done by ensuring that equipment is in top working condition.”

Previously, for Cybex to ensure equipment was in top condition and functioning at maximum capacity, they relied on regular on-site monitoring by service professionals. This practice was both expensive and inefficient as it required gym owners to identify and report issues as they arose. Cybex recognized the key flaw in this maintenance program was that gym owners typically didn’t have detailed and documented insight into the equipment’s usage to provide service teams. With the IoT and connectivity, Cybex saw an opportunity to transition on-site equipment monitoring to the gym owner. The impact of this would be two-fold: not only would it reduce the need for on-site visits by service professionals, but the information collected would also provide added insight for Cybex.

“Our customers invest in our catalog of products for our reputation for developing innovative and reliable equipment that enhances human performance,” continued Lisa. “We are furthering that reputation, and our customer’s success, by offering an Internet-based monitoring system that helps owners maximize the benefit of our products.”

Cybex wanted to develop a web-based asset management system that would effectively reduce equipment downtime and manage machine usage. What would be named ‘Cybex Care’, would virtually monitor fitness equipment remotely and deliver data to club owners via a simple web-based dashboard. To accomplish this, Cybex needed a connectivity solution that was secure, scalable and flexible enough to adapt to products already in the field and accommodate future equipment enhancements.

“We wanted to bring this new tool to market quickly and cost effectively. By partnering with Electric Imp, we were able to focus on our core competency of developing world-class fitness products and putting issues of connectivity, scalability and security in Electric Imp’s expert hands,” Lisa continued. “By doing that we also significantly reduced our schedule risk.” 

Why Electric Imp?

Cybex sought-out the expertise of Electric Imp to provide the seamless integration of secure connectivity for the following key reasons:

  • Time to Market Electric Imp’s connectivity solution delivered its benefits quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Adaptability Electric Imp’s solution easily integrated with Cybex’s existing backend systems and software and seamlessly connected to already-available hardware interfaces.

  • Scalability The flexibility of Electric Imp’s platform would make it easy for Cybex to continue enhancing the platform.

Using a proprietary connectivity adaptor powered by Electric Imp, Cybex launched ‘Cybex Care’, a new web-based monitoring system that allows Cybex’s customers to keep tabs on equipment usage, manage upkeep and schedule appropriate services. Using ‘Cybex Care’ data, gym owners can rotate high-use machines with low-use and effectively balance the wear on equipment. Additionally, having a continual stream of connected data, gives Cybex an increased level of insight that allows for predictive maintenance to help extend the life of Cybex machines.

The Benefits

  • Optimization With continuous access to dynamic information about equipment usage, gym owners are now able to optimize and maximize the life and health of their Cybex equipment. Gym owners can now use real-time data to schedule maintenance at optimal times — during off-peak hours to minimize any inconvenience to gym members. To ensure equal wear-and-tear gym owners can rotate equipment locations. Additionally, gym owners can more thoughtfully position frequently used or popular equipment in the gym to optimize space usage. These measures result in increased member satisfaction and decreased membership cancellations by keeping equipment in top condition and positioned optimally throughout the gym.

  • Predictive Maintenance By leveraging real-time data derived from connected equipment, gym owners can better predict when equipment needs service. No longer are technicians conducting unnecessary service calls or arriving blind to crucial equipment information. Instead, technicians arrive with the necessary tools and parts and are able to efficiently address issues; preventing and minimizing unnecessary service interruptions. This results in better customer service from Cybex to gym owner and consequently from gym owner to member. Connectivity helps Cybex reduce the cost of maintenance by preventing disruptions before they occur.

  • Profitability Connectivity and the flow of information both reduces interruption and enables the development of improved services based on smart information. Cybex is able to deliver a better user-experience and consistency of service that assures that membership fluctuation is not a result of reoccurring equipment failures. Member relationship management and gym owner profitability hinges on a gym’s environment, services and the reliability and availability of equipment. The creation of ‘Cybex Care’ is evidence of how connectivity and IoT in the commercial space can be valuable for the bottom-line and further recognizes Cybex as a leader in the fitness equipment industry.

What is IDC Custom Solutions?

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How do I contact IDC Custom Solutions?

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