Hlta Coursework Examples

How do you feed back to the teacher and how do you assess whether children
have progressed in learning .
Give me an eg. of an actvitiy that you had planned ,that you had to change
when you carried out the actvity to meet the needs of the children . eg . of
spur of the moment thinking...
If a child said a racist comment what would you do ?
Talk me through the process of the schools SEN policy.
How do i progress learning . Give egs.
Give me an example of how i have dealt with bad behaviour . What methods
did I use?
Have you had the opportunity to observe others. What did you learn?
How has going on a particlular course improved your proffessional
development? How do you make sure you differentiate the work that you plan ?
My involvement in assessment and recording .
How and why I analysis the information
What is your overall contribution to the school? (Chlo)

How do you get on with other TAs - do they see you as a leader?
What would you do if a teacher had planned work which was inappropriate for
child you're working with?
What do you know about the SEN Code of Practice? (don't think "very little"
would be the right answer, but didn't expect quotes from documents or anything)
How do you manage behaviour in the classroom?
How often do you teach whole class alone?
How do you contribute to the ethos of the school?
How would you deal with a racist remark from a child?
Do you do your own planning or does teacher?
How are your ICT skills?
How do you contribute to record-keeping?
Do you have much contact with parents and what sort of relationships do you
have with them? Have you been involved in a risk assessment for a trip?
How confident are you about Child Protection issues?
How do the ethnic minority children know that you personally respect their
background? (Miranda)

How is it delivered?

  • The two day face-to-face preparation course explains the HLTA standards and the HLTA assessment process and fully explains how to put together the required portfolio of evidence. Guidance is provided on completing the required written tasks and explains the purpose and the set-up of the 3 hour school visit.
  • Between days 1 and 2, you will engage in online activities to check understanding.
  • The group returns for day 2 approximately 5-6 working weeks later to review progress and receive formative feedback on the tasks written so far. Further guidance and support is provided for the school assessment visit.
  • Approximately 4-7 weeks after day 2, you will email your final written tasks to the assessor who then comes to your school about two weeks after this to carry out the interviews and view the portfolio of evidence.


The status is gained through a portfolio of tasks and a 3 hour school visit where an assessor interviews you, a teacher on your behalf and a member of the senior management team. You are not observed in class.

Assessment takes place with your Regional Provider of Assessment (RPA). All RPAs are partners of the HLTA National Assessment Partnership (HNAP) a body that ensures the continuity and quality of HLTA assessment across the country.


We are delivering HLTA in the following regions:

  • East of England
  • South West (visit our partner PoP HLTA Community South West for preparation in Bournemouth, Devon, Dorset, Plymouth and Poole)
  • West Midlands
  • Yorkshire and Humber

You can select your preferred group location and dates in the application form. We aim to allocate each candidate their chosen group, if your choice is no longer available we will offer you the most easily accessible alternative. Groups will be amended subject to interest and demand.

School networks or alliances with several support staff wishing to complete the qualification should contact us about bespoke training that can be arranged at a local level and delivered within their schools.

What does it cost?

The cost of the two day HLTA preparation programme is £290 + VAT, inclusive of lunch and refreshments. Significant discounts are available to clusters of schools and local authorities interested in hosting bespoke programmes to meet individual need. Contact us for more details.

The cost of preparation does not include the assessment element which is fixed by HNAP at £450 per person. Further details on assessment can be found on the HNAP website.

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