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The amazing story I read was the tale of Robinson Crusoe, written by Daniel Defoe, which is the account of a man who was stranded on an uninhabited island for more than twenty years. This story was published by the English writer, Defoe, in the year 1719, about eighty years before the French Revolution. The fiction was in a relatively simple manner but was so masterfully done that it has achieved much praise.

In Robinson Crusoe, there are very few characters that the author describes with much detail. The main character is Robinson Crusoe who is the son of a well-to-do middle-class father. He is very immature in the beginning because of how his emotions change like a stormy sea. He keeps jumping from wanting to become involved in law to obey his father’s wishes and sailing out to sea to show he is a rebel. Later on, his character becomes more mature while he is living on the deserted island and he shows the amount of ingenuity he has by completing his priorities to survive with very little in supplies to help him complete them. There are a few other characters in the story that have some significance to Robinson’s life like his servants Friday and Xury. He has these friend-servants at different points in the story and they help him survive in one way or another. Xury helps him escape from his Moorish slave master and stays with Robinson until they are picked by a Portuguese captain. Friday comes into Robinson’s services when Robinson saves him from cannibalistic savages that want to eat him and helps Robinson survive on the island. There are numerous characters in Robinson Crusoe but only a few of them have any real significance to the life of the main character, Robinson Crusoe, in the story.

The story of Robinson Crusoe has a very straightforward and basic plot. It is about a young man disobeying his father and going out to sea to explore the world. He encounters many problems, though, but seems to overcome everything that happens to him one way or another. The largest predicament he gets into is shipwrecking on an uninhabited island in the Caribbean and having to survive there for over twenty years. In the end, though, he even overcomes that situation and eventually travels back to his home in England to settle down and have children. Other problems he encountered were being captured and enslaved, fighting bloodthirsty savages, and nullifying a mutinying ship crew. Throughout all this Robinson stayed mostly levelheaded and worked strategically to accomplish his goals. The whole story is just about Robinson encountering problems and overcoming them which is not that complex of a storyline.

There are many underlying historical facts in the tale of Robinson Crusoe. Robinson’s father represents the Protestant ideal of being a hard-working individual while the savages of Brazil are considered to be the lowest form of life with their pagan practices and attitudes. Defoe also shows that during the time he was writing the book Catholics were not trusted in England because he makes Robinson suspicious of the Catholic Spaniard he saves from the savages. Christianity is shown as a form of deliverance for foreign servants that want to become free and shows that the Christian religion was seen as the best religion to believe in during the 1700s. It is also shown that the Inquisition is happening in the book because Robinson is afraid that the Spaniard will give him to the Inquisition if he lets the Spaniard take him back to Europe. There are many clues and phrases that show what was happening in the European world in the tale of Robinson Crusoe.

The novel, Robinson Crusoe, was one of the greatest books I ever read in my life. Daniel Defoe captures Robinson’s own personal view, instead of the view of the masses, perfectly with Robinson’s own individual way of thinking and viewing the world around him. He shows how Robinson matures throughout the book and has a deeper understanding of life until he goes back to the corrupted European world and becomes an ignorant man looking for adventure again. The in-depth descriptions of what Robinson did to survive demonstrate that Defoe had extensive knowledge on survival tactics and enhances the story to the point of it being believable. This book is a must-read by anybody who wants to experience real English literature in all its glory.

The story of Robinson Crusoe was a great book to read and was written by an amazing author from England. Even though the plot was quite simple and there were very few characters with any real significance to the story, the style of writing that the novel was done with was truly amazing and more than makes up for everything else in the story. The fiction, Robinson Crusoe, was a real English masterpiece of a novel and was done by Daniel Defoe, one of the greatest English writers of all time.

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The Character of Robinson Crusoe

  1. Robinson Crusoe is the central character around whom the moral lesson centres.
  2. From the beginning, Defoe presents him as an individual endowed with a capability for moral development because of his natural possession of moral sensitivity.
  3. As events open, he appears as lacking a certain degree of moral insight and self knowledge, but gradually he gains moral and spiritual re-awakening and self discovery.
  4. This gradual change can be traced in three stages in his life:

a)    When the novel opens, Crusoe leaves home in disobedience of his father and without asking for God’s blessings in search for more wealth, neglecting his father’s advice concerning the advantages of  the middle class. Crusoe ,then,  goes through four adventures in the sea during which he experiences many misfortunes, and has very narrow escapes from death. At this stage, Crusoe’s character is shown as discontented, rash, romantic ,lacking reason and any sense of moral duty towards God and father. Despite the dangers he faces, he never realizes the moral lesson or that these dangers are a punishment of God for his wrongdoings. He blames his bad luck, fate, or his companions.

b)   The second stage in Crusoe’s moral and spiritual development starts with his journey to the coast of Guinea which ends up in his shipwreck, the death of all his fellow sailors and his own survival after he swims to a remote deserted island. During this stage, Crusoe suffers, first, physically to provide for his food, shelter, and security. As he struggles to do this, he shows his great abilities of a resourceful, energetic, and inventive individual, although he has never had any knowledge of mechanics or mathematics. At the same time, however, he has many moral reflections which show his mental stress.

c)   The final stage of this process of gradual moral and spiritual re-awakening culminates in the episode his illness and dream after the earthquake. For the first time, Crusoe recognizes that he is the doer of all his misfortunes, and realizes that he is responsible of all his wrongdoings for has neither asked God for help when he is in danger, nor thanked Him when he is rescued. With this admission of guilt, Crusoe moves quickly in the road of moral and spiritual recovery. Thus he sincerely prays to God for help for the first time. After that, he feels not only physical but also spiritual ease and comfort. As he triumphs over the cannibals,  saves Friday and the captain of the ship and his crew, and finally saves himself, he reaches complete satisfaction.

  1. Thus Crusoe is portrayed as a complex round character who, after many experiences

reaches his moral and spiritual growth.

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