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My ultimate value is my family. My vision for my own self is to live happily with my family in the future. I love to spend my spare time with them. Hanging around with friends and family make me feel well. I love to play on computer. I also love to play with the magical numbers. I like surfing on the internet, exploring new things, reading articles related with health, life, and economic events such as the stock market, financial companies, investment corporations, etc. I think being a citizen of a country, we should somewhat at different aspects of life to better know how well or bad the economy of our country is experiencing. My goal is to become a businessperson. I believe doing business is an important way to improve the economy of a…show more content…

They require to make many various reports such as assets and liabilities, loss and profit, or other financial documents. Some other tasks they may do is to design accounting systems, financial forms, and instruction manuals for the firm’s accounting and bookkeeping workers to use. They give advice to the companies upon the investment, tax strategies, and risk management. They sometimes can train some other lesser skilled employees. Public accountants work for pubic accounting companies. They usually work for the offices, and they would use the computers as the reference and calculations. In financial analysis, analysts use the financial data to monitor and evaluate a firm’s financial position, to plan the future financing, and to reallocate the size of the company and its rate of growth. Financial analysis involves examination of the historical data to achieve the information about the current and future the financial health of the company. They may work in the forecasting and profit analysis. They, like the accountants, prepare the reports. They prepare budget report, work in cost and general account. They analyze the changes in production and service to determine the effects on costs. They work on the graphs. They use statistic to compare the standard costs to the actual costs. They also study the significances of alternative ways of investing money in a particular field. They usually work for the large financial institutions. Particularly, they work

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As an educator working both in the high school and middle school setting, one point should be made clear. It is never too early to start thinking about a career. Of course, this is preached by most educators on a daily basis, but for the high school student looking for a college, it is still hard to comprehend. What exactly is the criterion for a college or community college and which direction should the high school senior go?
When choosing a college to attend, there are certain factors that the counselor should advise the student on. First, look for a college that has a program compatible to your interest. Second, check out the location of the college you are interested in looking at the community in which it is located in. Third,…show more content…

Financial aid should be thoroughly discussed in reference to funding available for in state college, out of state college, and community college. If the student is interested in community college, as counselor advocate for the possibility especially if the student knows what exactly that he wishes to study after graduation. Community colleges are tailored for specific training in certain careers that can be achieved with a shorter curriculum. Mangan (2010) in her study with community college trustee, reports that trustees are constantly involved in higher expectations for the community colleges and are aware that these schools need to be comparable to the traditional four year school even though the community colleges have less money to work with. Williams & Southers (2010) state that community colleges have formed a partnership with traditional institution and serve a great diversity of students regardless of age, professional background, academic ability, and educational goals. Also, with community colleges, many courses will transfer to a four year college if so desired to attend after acceptance in to a program. Key points that the counselor should point out is the possibility of financial savings and shorter program completion if the career choice is a program that is offered at the community college of interest.
Part II - # 1 With today’s vast

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