La Ciudad Del Sol Analysis Essay

Films about the "desaparecidos" - the thousands who disappeared during the Argentine military government have become a major sub group of the country's national cinema history. Many of them have been good. One of the first ones won the 1985 Foreign Film Oscar.

This film, however, is among the most boring and unwatchable of the group, if not THE most to date. Even an impressive cast, the screen writer (known for her TV work) and director could not make a decent "desaparecidos" movie. Forget the fact that the genre has become overworked and tiresome, this flick is simply a yawner.

It is no accident that this film was ripped apart, if not dismissed and unnoticed, by Argentine critics and moviegoers. I just saw it on Latin HBO by chance, unaware of its reviews or box office failure. I only found out above these facts through links on this site, by the way.

I knew I couldn't be alone, if I was unable to view this film in its entirety, on a rainy afternoon, on the 3rd day in a row of rain while on a beach vacation. I rarely dismiss a film totally, and make very negative comments about it. This one deserves them. Skip it.

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