Parents Should Spank Their Children Essay

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  • Bible says so

    Bible teaches that to not discipline your child is tantamount to hating them. Not even our own legal system is passive concerning wrongdoing- therefore we teach them young so that when they are old, consequences are not worth sinful, illegal actions. There is a real death penalty which proves that it is so. A good, healthy fear is very effective. People who draw their own conclusion that it is wrong to physically discipline are simply good old fashioned idolaters, making their own way in error as is their usual habit. God is correct, and God hating parents ignore truth which would otherwise prevent their adult children from being respecters of persons- arrogant and self willed.

  • its necessary !

    They dont understand until you cause them physical pain and once you do they start to behave. I have a little brother and hes always screwing around and if we tell him to stop he doesnt until one of us hits him or yells at him loudly.Then he stops !

  • Spanking teaches Discipline when timeouts don't work!

    A child should definitely be spanked by the parent or guardian because a firm spanking teaches one not to do something bad again. Just like when you touch the hot stove and burn your fingers, you learn not to tough the stove when its hot with your bare hands again. The same concept works with a good and firm spanking when the child breaks a rule. I had many good spankings in my lifetime and the relationship with my parents is just fine, and I didn't become mentally ill from a spanking.

  • All for it!!!

    I am a child my self and I grew up with this punishment. I believe that it was a really good thing as I know what is right and wrong. I find nothing wrong with it. I don't even mind if it is someone elses child as long as it is controlled and not for no reason at all.

  • Yes, Parents Should Spank Their Children

    Parents should be allowed to spank their children. A simple slap across the wrists or on the hand could possibly save a child's life in certain situations. A slap on the wrists or a swat on the butt is something the child will remember far more than a "stern talking to" or a time out - time out was a joke for me as a kid. The next time the child goes to run across the street, or stick a fork in an outlet, he/she will be more prone to immediately flashing back to that slap than anything their parents might have simply said to them. Spanking is okay, but beating should be totally outlawed. If a bruise or a mark or welt is left, that crosses the line between a spanking and a beating.

  • Yes

    Yes, depending on the degree of spanking, parents should have the option to spank their kids. As ridiculous as it sounds, adults are not able to reason with kids some times and the only way for the kids to actually listen to their parents is by physical force. I do not condone parents beating their kids; however, a few spanks here and there will definitely not harm the child.

  • Spanking could save a child's life.

    Kids rarely remember getting a talking to when they do something wrong, like running off in a store or to close to the road when playing outside, they will however remember a quick smack on the butt. That smack on the butt will stay with them far longer than a talking to and will teach them that they must listen or their butts will hurt. Now I don't think a parent should hit hard enough to leave a mark, that's abuse, but it should be hard enough for the kid to remember why they got the smack in the first place.

  • Parents Should Be able to Spank their Child

    Spankings and Beatings are completely different from one another. Beating is causing physical and emotional harm to children while spanking is teaching dicipline. When a baby wanders into troble and hurts themselves they dont typically make the same mistake twice. Its the same with Spanking . It causes no physical harm and teaches children right from wrong

  • The good book states:

    A. Hebrews 11:12 For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.

    B. Proverbs 23:13-14 Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you strike him with a rod, he will not die. If you strike him with the rod, you will save his soul from hell.
    This is all that needed to be said

  • Yes. Many kids have been raised being spanked when being disobedient. By definition, spanking is striking someone's buttocks with an open hand. This is not child abuse. The child is not being slapped in the face, punched, or beaten, that is abuse. Spanking is discipline. I grew up being spanked whenever I did something wrong, that way I learned that actions have consequences. Spanking does not hurt very much and is only temporary. It does not make bruises or marks. The worst spanking does is make your butt red and occasionally a little sore. But again, the physical effects are only temporary, the effects spanking has on the child's behavior are really for the better.

    A point against corporal punishment is that "parents are not trained to deal with misbehaving children. They do not have the resources or choices to handle the situation. As a result the immediately react by smacking or hitting the child, even if there is another solution to the problem." On the contrary, parents are the best to deal with misbehaving children. They could have had other children, had little siblings to take care of, or had their parents help them. Also, parents do not immediately hit their child if they start crying or cause a problem. If a child misbehaves, the parent will, in almost all cases, give the child a warning and/or put them in timeout. If they keep misbehaving the parent might spank them.

    Another point is, "Children usually feel resentful, humiliated, and helpless after being spanked. The primary lesson the learn appears to be that they should try harder not to get caught."

    I, being spanked myself, can tell you for a fact that that is not the case. When spanked, the child is upset, yes, but they learn not to do whatever it is the parent spanked them for or they will be punished. The child won't misbehave because they know if they do they will be spanked.

    In conclusion, spanking is a quick and effective way to discipline a child. Once again, spanking is not punching or beating. That is child abuse, striking a child on the buttocks is not.

    Side: Yes, to a limit.

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