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“Since enrolling our son Jakob into the TLE in Westampton, Our son is learning in leaps and bounds. Every day when we pick him up, he tells us something new that he did in class. From day one, we are so glad we chose TLE to be his daycare. The staff is extremely friendly, considerate, and most important, thankful that we chose them. We constantly tell people about his school and we even referred a few other parents to the facility.”

—Matthew and Joanne Eichmann

“TLE is the best daycare we have enrolled our son. The staff and the teachers are so nice, polite and extremely friendly. The center is always clean and bright for the kids to enjoy. Jake LOVES going to daycare every day and all the teachers are attentive to our son as well as all of the kids in the classroom. TLE was the BEST decision we have made to take care of son. We tell EVERYONE about TLE and will continue. It is a comfort to know when we drop off our son, he is WELL taken care of and learns so much while being there. Thank you TLE!!!!!!”


“All three of our children currently attend TLE. We are so grateful for the incredible staff and amazingly loving environment provided to each of them. We truly appreciate all that you do to help develop our children both socially and academically. We are very proud of each of them and thank the entire staff for the important role you all play in their lives. ”

—Wayne & Aileen Takio

“My daughter absolutely loves TLE. She has been there since 2 months old and the care she receives is remarkable. Reese is only a year old now but she uses her sign language that she learns to communicate with us at home, Incredible!!! I cant thank the staff enough for taking such good care of my little girl!”


“TLC is a very good school. Their staff is well educated, dedicated, caring and have the well being/ interest of their students at heart. If I could use one word to describe TLC, I would say “Awesome.” My son loved this school from the very first day I took him there for an open house and he still loves it . Unfortunately, his last day with the school he loves so much is June 30th because he is going to the first grade and he keeps asking me “mom, why can’t I start my first grade with TLC, I really love it here.” Their fees are affordable, and for me, I was luck to be given a monthly discount for men and women in uniform.”

—Emmanuela onyegbutulem

“Over the past two years we have watched all three of our children grow and flourish at TLE. We have had the pleasure of watching so many great teachers deeply touch the lives of our children and help them reach their fullest potential both socially and developmentally. And we appreciate the way the front office staff have always gone above and beyond to provide convenience and support to our constantly changing child care needs. We thank you and love you all. ”

—Wayne Takio

“We love our TLE Westampton! Kendel has had so many great experiences there, it is hard to single out just one. But last week I was so impressed I just have to share. They made real pizza's in class! Kendel is a picky eater, but he was so excited to show me the pizza he made; he even decorated the box and made a chef's hat to go with it. At two years old, he is doing so much more than I could have ever imagined doing with him at home. We took the pizza home (conveniently on a Friday night), watched it bake in the oven, and sat together; talking about pizzas and chef's. And of course how much we love his new Toddler class! Big thanks to our awesome director, Dana, and his wonderful teachers for allowing me to share in that experience (tear)!”


“My daughter Gia has been going to TLE the first year they opened. I had visited several centers and was discouraged. When I visited TLE in Westampton I was blown away. Miss Dana and Miss Michelle run TLE with love. They know every child by name, when we leave for the day you see all the children going up to them and hugging them. First and foremost, that is important to me. My daughter does have some learning difficulties and all of her teachers have been super helpful. TLE is like a second home. You won't find a caring staff, and a very clean environment anywhere. My daughter is attending Kindergarten at TLE because we don't want to leave, lol Seriously, their Kindergarten program is better than public schools in my opinion. The smaller classes help the teacher give them individual attention. Thank you to all the staff at TLE for making Gia and myself feel welcomed and loved. You guys rock!”


“Hi, My twins were at TLE Bordentown before it closed, I currently live in Roebling, New Jersey. It is because I love the curriculum and my confidence in TLE staff that I chose to attend the TLE center in Westhampton even though I commute to Ewing for work everyday. I love the staff, diversity, weekly themes, newsletters, and consistent updates regarding my children. I recently attended back to school night and I was impressed with the schedule, the literature, and the systems that are in place including a weekly journal and traffic light system that will allow me to continue to monitor my children�s progress. I look forward to this upcoming year and I am excited for Aayden and Aaliyah to start their educational journey with TLE. Nicole A. White ”

—Nicole White

“My family is a TLE family for sure! Everyone at the Westampton center is very friendly. The owner is always ready to answer any questions I have, and management and staff go above and beyond to make the families happy! My kindergartener and preschooler are very happy there, and actually look forward to going to school everyday! They challenge them mentally, while allowing them to socialize and be themselves! I would recommend this center, and company, to anyone!”

—Amber George

“The TLE in Westampton, NJ is everything a parent could ask for in a daycare facility. The staff are warm and friendly, the place looks clean and vibrant, and the location is convenient. My son starting going to TLE at 4 months old and my first impression as a new mom was that this place is worthy of my business. From day one, I could feel the warmth. Ms. Joe and Ms. Ana, who can be found in the infant room, made me feel secure because they were so attentive and loving. It was perfect from the start and now at 16 mos old, my son continues to thrive. We BOTH are still very comfortable and that means the world to me!! Thank you TLE. ”

—Audrianna Monroe

“Our son has been going to TLE for almost 3 years. I cannot express how much I LOVE TLE. The management staff and the teachers are beyond AMAZING! They are not just a "school" but they are our family. They go above and beyond any daycare or schooling program. The first day my son enrolled he was completely comfortable in his surroundings. The entire staff make the kids transition priority number ONE!!! The teachers and staff accommodate to any needs the children have. Their curriculum is right on point, the teachers are very educated and communicate to the parents about everything that occurs in the classroom every day either verbally or with paperwork. The staff is friendly, flexible and accommodating. Our son has been learning since day one and continues to grow socially and academically everyday! Highly recommend TLE to EVERYONE. ”

—Jodi Eichmann

“I have to say how happy I am that I enrolled my two children into TLE. They have grown and learned so much thanks to the great staff!! We highly recommend TLE!! ”

—Betsy F.

“Tyler previously went to another local daycare. We transitioned him to TLE for Pre-K and couldn't be happier. He has learned more in one month than I could ever imagine. He is excited to learn and tell us what he has learned each day. I wish we made the transition sooner.”

—Jen Mullen

“We are so happy with TLE! My son had a hard adjustment, but after a few weeks he loves it. The staff is excellent and helped make his transition much better! You guys rock! ”

—Ebony Lewis

“Our son is 13 months & we're looking for a safe, clean, learning environment where the staff love the kids ”

—Denise Caputo

“It was one year ago, when my family and I had a house fire; losing everything . TLE were amongst the first responders; besides the fire department, police and Red Cross. Once Dana, Michelle and Iliana saw my husband and I; and heard what happened to us it was amazing. Our child had as much of a regular day at daycare; despite or test/trial. Before we knew it they had our family dynamics; children sizes and names. They rushed into overdrive. That morning information went out about our loss of everything; including our home. It was amazing, the help, the support and the gifts that kept pouring in from staff and the entire TLE family (parents). There is nothing that my family or I could do to repay all that you have given to us. To this day, we are still using the gifts and supplies given to us. Our hearts were saddened/emptied and filled at the same time. Words can not express all that we have been through and the gifts received from you all. Thank You, so much from the bottom of...(Read More)”


“My daughter has gone here since she was 3 months old, she is now 3 years old. I love them so much just like family. They know my daughter so well they can notice when there is a change and help to fix or change it. Also are flexible when your in a financial pinch. They have always helped me and worked with me. When it is time for another baby this will most definitely be the place I will be bringing them. ”

—Brittney Richter

“My son started going to TLE in Westampton when he was 18 months old. I knew I loved it as soon as I walked through the doors. It was so bright, so colorful and so clean. The administration and teachers are so friendly and address any concerns my husband and I have. My son is now four, and he loves it. He has learned so much. My 3 year old daughter can't wait to go!”


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