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Within the last century the role of traditional values among society has been changed as never before. As far as I am concerned these changes are to a great extent negative.

To begin with, modern society don't need traditional values at all. Members of modern society live in a totally different environment, where there is no room for fostering traditional values. Traditions and customs have been forgotten for the sake of modern technology and gadgets.

Secondly, the decreasing role of traditional values are closely connected with the pace of today living. For many of us, it is extremely hard to find some speare time for entertainment. No wonder that we could'nt find time for cultivating traditions.

Thirdly, traditional values are irrelevant to modern society as modern society is less and less interested in religous practise, which we can see by decreasing number of people attendind regulary to church. Our faith is connected with traditions and customs.

In contrast, actually there is some hope for cultivating traditional values in the eldery, who are more conservative and therefore closer connected with tradition. The question is that, whether we can treat them as a modern society or not.

Taking these points into consideration, I would say that in modern society, within the world of intermingled cultures and juxtaposed nations there is barely a place for traditional values. In my opinion I wouldn't exaggerated if I say that this situation won't change for the better during iminent years.


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Tradition and modernity are the elements presenting in the development of any society. Some people believe that traditional values are incompatible with modern society because society will gradually become obsolete if it follows traditional values and the development of a country is due to the acquisition of new things. However, in reality, traditional values are relevant to modern society because they are the basis to the development of modernity and provide a framework for people.

First, it can be clearly seen that traditional values are the basis for the development of modern society. Rockwell emphasized that the thing passed on from one era to the next, generate a livelihood, energetic stream of beat and predictability is tradition. As a result, strong and good traditional values will make a country develop. Traditional values - selected and handed down through generations - form good people, good societies, and above all, good countries. Moreover, national identity is made by traditional values. According to McDowall (2014), each country and culture around the globe owns its traditions which have their roots in history and have been preserved now. Good traditional values are the cultural beauty and the valuable experience drawn from previous generations. Inheriting the good traditional values not only makes people recognize the strengths of their nation, but also helps them to develop their own society. Traditional values, therefore, are the foundation for the development of an advanced society.

Another advantage of good traditions is providing a framework, especially being the personality measurement for people. The perspectives' standards are formed by traditional values. Following the beneficial traditions help people to realize what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, accordingly, they improve their own personality and contribute to their society's advancement. Moreover, traditional values are the basic to the development of social rules. To construct social rules in a proper way, people need to choose the proper traditions. The selective process of traditional values is necessary to make themselves more suitable for modern society. Petkovic (2007) insists that positive cultural legacy's conservation, of several predominantly acknowledged traditional components which build country's cultural distinctness, is not debated (p.24). Not only do appropriate traditions participate in the social rules' creation but they also engage in the law's formation. People not following the ethical standards will only be criticized, whereas in non-compliance with social rules and law, they will be fined, arrested - or even sentenced capital punishment. Thus, good traditional values bring people into a framework and construct a modern society as well.

Those who are not aware of the importance of traditional values may argue that society will gradually become obsolete if it follows traditional values. There is no doubt that outworn traditions will impede the country's advancement. However, everything has two sides, traditional values are not excepted. As a result, following the traditional values wisely and selectively is worthwhile to develop a country. The advanced globe has much to study from traditional communities, including varying access to solve global human difficulties like child-rearing, therapy of the old and dispute resolution is what Jared Diamond - American scientist proposes in his newest book "The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies?" (Ida, 2013). A further concern is that the development of a country is due to the acquisition of new things, not traditional values. Nevertheless, traditional culture and custom still guide human beings to maintain and establish modern societies. Consider the case of Japan - one of the most modern countries in the world. Kumaga (1996) asserts that in the quintessence of the complicated nature of modern-day Japan, not only the tradition but also the modernity exists together. These pieces of evidence prove that traditional values are relevant to modern society.

In conclusion, traditional values are relevant to modern society because they are the foundation to the modernity's advancement and bring people into a framework. While some fear that traditional values will lead a country to backwardness and the nation's development is due to the new things' acquisition. Examining the good sides of traditional values, participating in the country's advancement, guiding human to maintain and establish modern societies, proved otherwise. Though not perfect, traditional values have contributed greatly to the construction of a civilized world.

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Thanh, the essay is hugely academic in nature. You have cited numerous sources in support of one side of the argument. That is a good thing, specially since you properly cited the information within the paragraphs. That shows a well researched paper and an analytical stance on your part as you really read the reports or books that the quotes were based on. However, you need to double check your sources because you lack a reference to the source for the Rockwell cited information.

While I enjoyed the verifiable information in the essay, I seem to not have found the reference to your agreement or disagreement on the given topic. I expected to read a stand alone paragraph that would have indicated your personal, instead of academic source based opinion, regarding the question posed. So, while the essay is well written, I am not sure how good the score of this essay would be without a clear reference and discussion to your personal opinion.

You could have made a reference to your agreement or disagreement to the stated problem in the introduction of the essay so that we would have at least gotten an idea as to why the essay discussion ran a certain way. You would not have needed the stand alone paragraph in that instance because you already stated your opinion and therefore, made it clear that you would be discussing the essay in support of your stance :-)

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